Take part!

Phase 2: 1-to-1 interviews with Blue Badge holders - starting in Autumn 2023

Participant for the interviews will be invited from those who have completed the surveys and have left their email address to indicate they would be happy to take part in the follow-up interview.

Below is the Participant Information Sheet for the interviews. 

Participant Information Sheet for Interviews – The Politics of Parking

Phase 1: Survey for Blue Badge holders - NOW closed

The first phase of my research included a survey for Blue Badge holders asking about the encounters they have had in accessible parking spaces will be launched once I have received the approval.

Participants in the survey needed to

Key documents

To participate in the survey, it is important you read and understand the Participant Information Sheet, which tells you more about what it means to take part and how your data will be used. Please also visit the Further support page, which contains some useful resources for help and advice, for example if you found re-living some of the encounters distressing, or if you realise you may have experienced a hate crime.

You can read and download the Participant Information Sheet below.

Survey Participant Info Sheet.docx