The Politics of Parking

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The report from my survey with 304 Blue Badge holders about parking encounters is now available

Click here to download the report

The Politics of Parking is a 4-year research project which seeks to explore how disabled people's everyday ‘encounters’ with others contribute to experiences of oppression, particularly in the context of Blue Badge parking spaces.

Encounters with strangers have frequently been described as a source of disablism for many disabled people, but disability studies research has not yet specifically focussed on accessible parking in a UK context.

The research will add to how we understand and think about how encounters with others contribute to experiences of disablism and provide evidence on whether the Blue Badge scheme is currently fit for purpose in truly removing barriers for disabled people.

Find out more about the research and its progress by exploring this website, and sign up below to receive regular updates on the project as it progresses.

For any questions about my research, please get in touch. You can also watch the video below for a brief summary of my research:

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